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  • 银行强盗通缉要犯被捕高考优秀英语作文


    chinese police have arrested two men suspected of stealing almost 51 million yuan (6.5 million u.s. dollars) in cash from the bank where they worked, the ministry of public security said thursday.

    ren iaofeng, 34, and ma iangjing, 37, tellers at the handan branch of the agricultural bank of china in hebei province, were put on the countrys most-wanted list on tuesday in connection with the theft on april 14.

    police arrested ren in a rented house in liangyungang city of the eastern jiangsu province at 8:20 a.m. thursday, said wu heping, spokesman of the ministry of public security.

    ma was arrested in beijing on wednesday afternoon.

    "police have recovered some of the missing funds and are questioning the men," wu said.

    sources with the jiangsu provincial public security bureau said police seized 3.4 million yuan when they arrested ren, who allegedly "did not deny" committing the crime during initial questioning.

    "this huge loss of funds has eposed major loopholes in crime prevention, especially regarding financial institutions," wu said in a press conference. "as the investigation continues, we will learn how the suspects succeeded and we will try to mend the holes in our system."

    he said he hoped the hebei case could sound a warning to the financial sector.

    wu said the theft had even drawn the attention of central government leaders, and public security minister zhou yongkang had given instructions on investigating the case.

    the police had offered a reward of 50,000 yuan (6,400 u.s. dollars) to anyone who could provide information leading to the arrest of the suspects.

    at thursdays press conference, wu acknowledged the publics role in tracking down the two men but did not reveal how many people were in line for rewards.

    "it has been proved that offering monetary rewards is a good method, but the amount will not be determined until the entire investigation ends," wu said, adding that the police are still trying to recover the rest of the missing funds.

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